Parents and Students
  • Can access class information via the web in a consistent and well organized way
  • Can bookmark a teacher's page and still get important school and district information such as school closings, events, news, etc. without having to visit multiple sites,  and they can be sure that the information is authoritative and current
  • Can visit multiple teachers' websites without having to decipher multiple layouts and navigation schemes
  • Can, if licensed, access private information securely on the web, including messaging, report cards, etc.
  • Make great looking web pages in seconds, even pasting content from Word or other applications right into their web pages
  • Provide files for students and parents to download with no FTP
  • Publish calendars right out to the web
  • Have multiple sites in multiple schools -- or just one site that exists in multiple schools -- or any combination of the two!
  • Share content that exists in one place (such as course information) but is displayed in any number of teachers' websites
  • Rest easy in the fact that their pages will look professional regardless of how little design skill they may have
  • Use the skills they have already learned because RWD is  entirely FirstClass and uses FirstClass skills!
Principals / Website Administrators / Support Staff
  • Quickly add (or remove, or modify) links, information and graphics from all pages in the entire school website simultaneously ... in real time!
  • Post urgent or emergency messages such as storm warnings or school closings to all pages immediately and know that parents who bookmark teachers' sites and bypass school and district sites will still see this information
  • Roll out a redesign of the look and feel of the entire website instantly
  • Audit all teacher websites and assist teachers with difficulties without having to be physically present with them or use FirstClass Admin privileges to access a user's FirstClass desktop
  • Add or remove websites from teachers instantly as needed
  • Deploy working sites with pre-made content and links so that new teachers need only change a few things initially – thereby dramatically reducing the time it takes to get a site up and running
  • Deploy hundreds of sites at once using the powerful features available to FirstClass Administrators
  • Move teachers from one school to another instantly, and once moved, the site will take on the new school's colors and navigation as if it were always there
System Administrators / FirstClass Administrators
  • Quickly create and administer sites using standard FirstClass administrative functions
  • Allow Web Administrators to completely control and administer users' sites and school sites without needing to be FirstClass Subadministrators
Trainers / Professional Development Personnel
  • Leverage existing training and skill sets when teaching users to publish websites because as users learn RWD they are also augmenting their FirstClass skills
  • Training can be done in-session and in self-paced tutorials
  • RWD has multiple levels of complexity, but new users can be trained in 30 – 90 minutes with excellent results
  • Well designed end-user training materials are available for nominal cost
Curriculum Specialists
  • By standardizing some of the intrface and method of communication between teachers and students and parents, content can be more standardized and structured
  • Material can be efficiently shared between teachers and their websites, and between schools
Superintendents and School Boards
  • Increase education by increasing communication and access to information across the entire district
  • Reduce confusion and discontent among constituents by providing a well designed and consistent method of accessing information that is precious to those constituents
  • Increase constituent satisfaction by providing communication in a commonly understood format (web) and not requiring that parents be trained to use custom software
  • Increase teacher satisfaction by making site publishing very easy, very quick, and of the highest quality (thereby reducing embarrassment of teachers not skilled in web design)
  • Reduce costs by leveraging existing training and existing platform software to accomplish enterprise web content management
  • Consistently brand websites so that organizational standards are met consistently
  • Ensure central control and reliability of key information and simultaneously relieving teachers of the responsibility of independently maintaining this information (such as school closings) and reducing liability
All parties can rest comfortably that their investment will be protected; RWD is fully supported by Open Text. As FirstClass changes with enhancements and upgrades, RWD will continue to work and will also undergo enhancements which will continue to be part of your standard Maintenance and Support agreement.