Rapid Web Designer
Rapid Web Designer is an application that turns your FirstClass server into a fully featured Enterprise Content Manager for the web.
Built entirely with FirstClass itself, RWD lets the users work with the skills they already have to employ a simple form to publish excellent web pages – no HTML required!
RWDbadge_3.gifRWD takes FirstClass web publishing a giant leap forward because the web pages that are created are part of a sophisticated, centralized command-and-control system that ensures each and every page has a consistent look and feel, a consistent navigational schema, and common links on every page. As a result, users don’t have to worry about the design of their web pages and are free to focus on the content ... and content is what web pages should really be about.  
This central control means, for example, that teachers spend far less time working on their web pages while the quality of those pages is much better than you would think possible!
RWD represents a huge value for all levels of an organization.  Download datasheet (pdf)    More info on RWD 4
RWD is purchased through Kannon which is also certified to implement it in your organization and train your staff.


Hear what users are saying...

Charlotte County Public Schools (FL)

"What impresses us the most about RWD as a district, is the simplicity of use for our instructional staff. Most people are very familiar with email, however not everyone is familiar with how to create a web site. RWD takes away all of that fear, angst, and the learning curve associated with making a web page. All teachers have to do is fill in a template, and the system takes care of the rest. I truly believe that the partnership between RWD and FirstClass will revolutionize the way we communicate with parents."

Chris Bress
Director of Learning
Through Technology


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